At Blu Pointe we understand the direct link between our restaurant’s success and investing in the development and growth of our employees. .

The manager-in-training (M.I.T.) program is designed for a passionate hospitality professional with the desire to advance their career through our progressive learning program.

This program is structured to provide a combination of hands-on and comprehensive job experiences. If chosen, the qualified candidate will have the opportunity to observe and execute daily business operations with a view from all perspectives throughout the restaurant. The program ranges from 18 to 20 weeks, depending on the candidates job performance, and will end with an evaluation and potential job placement within the Bonura Hospitality Group.

MIT Program

Listed below are the job position training segments

  • Training Segment 1 | Orientation and Intro to Hospitality Standards
  • Training Segment 2 | Advance Table Service and Intro to Spirits, Craft Beer and Wine (Weeks 3-6)
  • Training Segment 3 | Beverage Training, Advanced Wine Service and Micros P.O.S.
  • Training Segment 4 | Bar Training- Intro to mixology
  • Training Segment 5 | Reservationist and Front Desk Hospitality Standards
  • Training Segment 6 | Intro to Management
  • Training Segment 7 | Administrative Skills and Management Software Applications
  • Training Segment 8 | Event Planning and Human Resources
  • Training Segment 9 | Kitchen Management and Food Service Operations

Benefits of the Progressive M.I.T. Program

  • Allows each candidate to advance at a pace that promotes information retention while building confidence in employee skills and abilities
  • Combination training allows the candidate to learn and master the job knowledge through practicing specific hands-on techniques
  • By the end of the training program the candidate will have a strong working knowledge of all job positions allowing them to potentially achieve higher levels of success managing other employees.
  • Complimentary in-house and online food and beverage training seminars
  • Comprehensive Inventory and waste control training
  • Learn recipes costing and working with a P&L Statement
  • Human Resources Training including tips on coaching and counseling of employees along with state and federal regulations in the work place
  • Servsafe Certification
  • Career advancement opportunities within Blu Pointe and Bonura Hospitality

Sommelier Wine Apprenticeship Program

Blu Pointe is recognized with a small list of restaurants north of New York City with the Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. A wine award of this caliber requires a restaurant to have at least 350 selections representing an array of the finest wine producers from around the world. Our selections also feature vertical vintages from these highly renowned producers. The range in vintages allows us truly showcase the evolution and expression of terroir from the most popular and up-and-coming growing regions.

In order to maintain this program’s integrity, it requires a team of diligent wine professionals ensuring our wines are properly stored and served at the correct temperatures. We are looking for dedicated wine professionals in pursuit of a career in wine merchandising and the path to becoming a certified Sommelier.

If you are looking for a career in wine, or are even remotely interested, Blu Pointe is the place to begin your journey. You will be coached and counseled by our Wine Director Diana Camp, who is certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Currently we have several staff members on their journey through the Court of Master Sommeliers program that have received extensive assistance by working within our training program.

Below are some of the benefits to working with our Wine Director and Sommelier in the Wine Apprenticeship Program:

  • Learn how to organize and manage a program of this capacity using a BIN system
  • Learn the POS operating system and how to control cost and increase profits
  • Weekly inventory and maintenance of wine cellar
  • Tastings of new wines and menu development
  • Quality control of current wines we serve by the glass to ensure freshness and durability
  • Procurement meetings with over 30 distributors allowing for the development of networking and increased understanding of the business
  • Constant hands-on work learning labels and producers of highly renowned and obscure wines
  • Become a part of training and development programs for the staff
  • Wine seminars and meetings
  • Organization of wines through excel programming
  • Learn sales techniques and psychology behind selling a bottle of wine

Benefits to joining our Culinary and Pastry teams

Culinary Extern and Future Job Candidates

  • Working with CIA Alumni chefs with over 15 years of experience
  • Exposure to daily seafood purchasing programs
  • Working with local purveyors
  • Whole fish fabrication
  • Beef and Poultry butchering
  • Oyster education
  • Prep scheduling and food service management
  • Ala carte station management
  • Intro to management and employee development
  • Menu development and execution
  • Product utilization and cost control

Pastry Extern and Future Job Candidates

  • Working with a CIA BPS Graduate Pastry Chef
  • Ala Carte and Banquet pastry production
  • Hands-on exposure to various pastry techniques
  • Progressive learning from basic skill development to full production responsibilities
  • Menu development for ala carte dessert program
  • Controlling costs and product utilization
  • Future employment opportunities based on performance throughout the program